Music News!!


Well, after 2 months since it’s conception, Precure Utattemita!! is now complete!!

Of course, those of you Niconico/Japanese-savvy would have already figured out that Utattemita means “I tried to sing” and, knowing my line of work, what else could it be but an album!!

The concept is pretty much the same as the Hikari SHINING album from the Aikatsu! Wikia. So without further ado, here is Precure Utattemita!! Vol. 1 (Futari wa to Fresh!)

Precure utattemita!! vol 1

Download here! MP3 128kbs w/covers



  1. DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  2. Get You!! Love Love?! -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  3. DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure (ver. MaxHeart) -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  4. Murimuri Ariari IN Jaanai?!-Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  5. WONDER WINTER YATTA!-Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  6. Makasete Splash Star -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  7. “Warau ga Kachi!” de GO! -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  8. Ganbalance de Dance -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  9. Pretty Cure 5, smile go go!-Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  10. Kirakira Shichatte My True Love!-Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  11. Ganbalance de Dance ~Yumemiru Kisetachi~ -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  12. Pretty Cure 5 , Full Throttle GO GO! -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  13. Te to Te Tsunaide Heart mo Link!! -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  14. Ganbalance de Dance ~Kibou no Relay~-Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  15. Let’s! Fresh Pretty Cure-Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  16. You make me happy!! -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  17. Let’s! Fresh Pretty Cure ~Hybrid ver.~ -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  18. H@ppy Together!!! -Kaiari Ver.- [Short Size]
  19. [BONUS TRACK] On the morning for departure -Kaiari Ver.-
  20. [BONUS TRACK] YOU MAKE ME HAPPY! ~English ver.~ (To Children Around The World)

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