Music News!!




So, three days earlier than expected we have Nana’s 10th Studio Album: SUPERNAL LIBERTY!

And, let me tell you it did NOT disappoint!!

In this review I shall be taking each track and doing a short commentary on them!


Starts off very strangely that admittedly put me off, I likened it to the beginning of IMPACT EXCITER. But then the full string and brass orchestra comes in along with drum kit and I feel like it could be the opening to an anime! I may do a AMV of this haha. Comparing it to other of her songs it sounds like a fusion of Kakumei Dualism and Next Arcadia. But the beat is infections and the repeated strains of “Virgin Code” are very catchy. Each verse also begins with the same major chord and it’s a refreshing change from the otherwise modal feel of the piece.



Uses English in the same way that is used in Gimmick Game and Lovely Fruit. A more of a J-Pop track than J-Rock, not that I am complaining. A great dance beat, I can see this being remixed and played in clubs very easily. Another catchy hook for the chorus, am certainly going to be singing “gimmie gimmie now” for days to come! My only nitpick is that this song ends so suddenly and the next track starts so abruptly it’s very distracting and if you weren’t paying attention easily it could be mistaken for the same song.


03. Appassionato

Starting with a slow Spanish feel (guitars and maracas and the like) you are fooled into thinking this will be a slow Spanish ballad. But no, the drum kit kicks in after a few bars and the familliar fast-paced style of Nana. Thinking of songs I can compare it to, I would throw out Heart-shaped chant and nothing else comes to mind at the moment. I am a little disappointed this seems too similar to VIRGIN CODE and so soon in the album.


04. Smile’s Whereabouts

This starts again slowly but this time with studio piano and a choir (how I love studio piano). Nana belting out “I just wanna hold you I wanna be by your side” made me shiver with the inflections she put on the words. There are two songs that remind me of this and that is MARIA&JOKER and Violetta. Saxophones and brass definitely earn points with me! A hark back to the disco tracks of the 70’s, this may be my favourite of the album. But we shall see!


05. Antique Night Music

My first impressions were that of a VOCALOID song, since the ticking of the clock and the irregular 5/4 time signature gave an eerie feel. This is indeed Night Music, or Nacht Music as is stated by the katakana (I have noticed that Nana’s song titles like to make use of German, maybe an influence of MGLN?) This could be an anime ending I feel, of a darker one similar to Elfen Lied. But if you like songs that change semitones frequently for a creepy feeling then this is the song for you! Also the two chords at the end are classic


06. Fun Fun★People

First thing that came to mind was “OMG ANOTHER LOVELY FRUIT YES!!!!” And I was right it certainly has that feel. If a music vid is made of this I cannot wait to see it! An upbeat tempo song complete with brass section and an epic saxophone solo towards the end. Am really surprised this isn’t an anime OP for anything :O


07. FATE

After all those fast songs it is really nice to have something more chilled. Also, nice MGLN reference hehe. It sounds like an Utada Hikaru song but suits her voice perfectly. For once there is no Nana song I can directly compare it to; I suppose the closest is Polaris but this is happier and somehow makes my heart lighter listening to it. A lovely simple melody.


08. Vitalization -Awoken Form-

This was one of the songs I was REALLY looking forward to!!! But I was disappointed; apart from the beginning there really was no change and I felt they could have done a lot more with it like Synchrogazer -Awoken Form-. Don’t get me wrong I really adore Vitalization but I felt this Awoken Form was pretty lackluster :/


09. Melancholy Twilight

Nice and jazzy start. I can imagine Nana singing this in a cabaret club somewhere in America The rock beat kinda spoils a little bit but an average song in my opinion.


10. Moment Capacity

Another song that reminds me of VIRGIN CODE!! 3 in one album, just wow. I don ‘t have much to say on this song; a lot of points have already been covered in VIRGIN CODE and Appassionato.


11. Ladyspiker

Seeing the title of this track I really had no idea what to expect hahah but I wasn’t expecting a driving rock song like this with Nana singing in a really mellow voice; I guess this song caters to the lower range of her voice and I really like it. I wasn’t expecting to like it but I did!


12. Rock you baby!

Reminds me a lot of the STARCAMP EP/TIME SPACE EP also of the song Young Alive! from IMPACT EXCITER.


13. Million Ways=One Destination

I can usually tell if I like a song through the introductory bars of it and the second I heard this I knew it to be true. The subtle dissonances are nothing like I have ever heard in a J-Pop song before.


14. Our Future

Mixed opinions about this, it reminds me of yet another Nana song suddenly ~Change Meeting~.


15. Star of Love -two hearts-

Again disappointed It was no changed much from the original and although a beautiful song in it’s own right it wasn’t altered enough to make me see it as a different song version.





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