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The HYPER JAPAN experience

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to be a volunteer at HYPER JAPAN, one of the biggest conventions that comes to London every year.


20140727_075540[1]Although I was working all day I did get the chance to go inside and have a look at all the cool things that HYPER JAPAN had to offer. The only thing I bought though, was a lot of pocky!!


I love going to conventions because it is a place where people with similar interests can gather, no matter what they are interested in there is something for everyone!

There was nothing in the way of Precure merchandise unfortunately, or Aikatsu! However I did see a little Sailor Moon merchandise in the form of figurarts, keyrings and manga (too expensive for me!) And I did spy a Super Sailor Moon cosplayer and a Sailor Mercury one.


20140727_134757The interior of the building was absolutely massive and filled with anything you wanted to do


20140727_134808For what they were, the swords were amazingly cheap, but the only thing I was interested in was the Kingdom Key from Kingdom Hearts! Isn’t it amazing? *-*


20140727_131521Perhaps the best part of HYPER JAPAN was receiving this for lunch! My very own bento!!! So yummy


It was tiring but I highly reccomend volunteering there at least once in your life!!

I’ll be back next year with another blog post, this time as a cosplayer!!

~Minazuki Kaiari







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