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Ending of a year and the start of a new series…SPOILERS

Hey everyone! Minazuki Kaiari here with one of my first blog posts in ages!

I am sure by now you have all seen the new series of Precure! If not, don’t worry as that is exactly what I am going to talk about!


Introducing…Go! Princess Precure! The 2015 Precure series which I shall be reviewing! Let’s have a look at the characters.


Haruka Harano (Cure Flora) VA:Yu Shimamura

Haruka is a first year at Noble Academy. She dreams of being a princess and works hard to achieve her dreams. She transforms into the Princess of Flowers, Cure Flora.


Minami Kaido (Cure Mermaid) VA:Masumi Asano

A 2nd year student at Noble Academy and student council president, Minami has a strong sense of responsibility, and yet can be caring at times. She wants to become a figure that people admire and respect. She transforms into the Princess of the Sea, Cure Mermaid.


Kirara Amanogawa (Cure Twinkle) VA:Yamamura Hibiku

Also in her 1st year at Noble Academy, Kirara is a “my pace” fashionable girl. Her dream is to become a top model and has spent a great deal of time studying magazines and fashion shows. She transforms into the Princess of the Stars, Cure Twinkle!!

Aside from the main Cures there is also two mascots, Puff and Aroma, from the Hope Kingdom led by Prince Kanata, a kingdom taken over by Zetsuborgs!!

The opening song will be “Miracle GO! Princess Precure”
Vocals: Karin Isobe
And the ending song will be “Dreaming☆Princess Precure”
Vocals: Rie Kitagawa

Hiroshi Takaki will provide the series’ score once more!

Of course I shall be covering/dubbing the OP & ED! I do realise I’ve not done full version of the Hacha ones yet but they will come!

That is all for now but I will see you all on the 1st of feb with my first review! Adieu!

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