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Go! Princess Precure Episode 1 REVIEW “Good Day, Alice-sama”

Hello and welcome to my first review of the year! As promised, I will faithfully review every Go!Pri episode every week for you guys!!!

First things first, let’s take a look at that opening!

The first thing to note is the change of text! It has changed from a blocky font to the kind of font used in the Precure Movies, and it is also not static text, which makes a nice change! The song I find very catchy, hearkening back to old Precure openings (I find this season very Fresh-like, Fresh is my favourite season so this could have good results!) Miracle Go! Princess Precure is definitely an opening I wont get tired of quickly and I cannot wait for the full version!


Haruka Harano, a 13 year old girl was previously bullied as a child for wanting to be a princess. Being a shining cute princess has always been one of her dreams.



All of a sudden, a mysterious boy appears. He tells Haruka that she will be one and that her dreams contain immense power, if she never loses sight of her dream then she will be a princess. She promises to keep this dream.


This pleases the boy who then decides she is worthy to have a charm that will protect her dreams. She introduces herself as Haruka and he introduces himself as Kanata, then promptly vanishes and tells her on the wind never to forget her dream.


Fast forward several years, Haruka is about to start her first year at Noble Academy and her father is in tears that he will have to let her go, whilst Haruka’s mother state that, as in the rules, every Noble Academy student must sleep in a dorm.


After taking a short look around, Haruka meets her roommate, Yui Nanase, who offers to show her around the dorms. She shows Haruka many exciting places like the dance room, cafeteria and (to Haruka’s delight) the party hall.


Whilst exploring outside, Haruka and Yui encounter Minami Kaido, a 2nd year and student council president of Noble Academy, known as “The Princess of the School”

Later on, Yui reveals she wants to be a children’s book author. When she asks Haruka about her dream, Haruka goes red and pretends to see a tanuki (raccoon dog) to get away. The thought of admitting she wants to be a princess still embarrasses her.


Whilst mulling this over in the woods, all of a sudden a pink dog springs out of the bushes, scaring Haruka, who mistakes it for a raccoon.


A bird then swoops down saying to stay away from “Pafu”, whom we assume is the name of the dog. He attacks Haruka then proclaims they are fairies from the Hope Kingdom, introducing himsself as Aroma. Haruka introduces herself and Aroma tells her if they di not hurry the world will fall into despair.


This is Close. Scary looking isn’t he?

Close appears and will not let them revive the legendary Princess Precure


Then Yui appears and Close makes her into a Zetsuborg, a fearsome monster that appears when peoples dreams are locked away. He then demands for the fairies to be handed over. Haruka refuses and they are chased through the woods.



Close laughs at Yui’s dream and demands to know Haruka’s so he can laugh in her face. Haruka declares she wants to be a princess; the charm in her pocket emits a bright light and becomes a key, the Dress-Up Key. Close demands it be handed over and Aroma tells her it can be used on the perfume.

Let me take the time to say that Hiroshi Takaki has developed a BEAUTIFUL soundtrack yet again! I got sick of Yasuharu Takanashi after 2 seasons because it was all samey, but this is Hiroshi’s 3rd season and I’m not tired at all!!

*cue awesome transformation sequence!*

“The Princess of Flowers blooming in full glory! Cure Flora!”



Princess Precure is found at last!



And she forcefully (yet politely) launches her attack

With the finisher Precure Floral Tourbillon.

Close then vanishes in anger but Yui is still trapped!! Aroma tells Flora to use the key to unlock the cage and she does so, freeing the girl. They then tell Flora that they are looking for the Princess Precure and came from the Hope Kingdom in place of Prince Hope Grand Kanata, who Flora is astonished to recognise as the boy she met as a child.

Dreaming☆Princess Precure is by far one of my favourite endings, along with Beyond the Sky and Precure Memory, I cannot wait to hear the full version and cover it!!

Thank you all for reading my review!!! I am sorry it’s taken a week to get out, I did start it as soon as I’d watched the episode but real life takes over sadly!! Please look forward to reading speedier reviews in the future!

Next Week: “The Academy’s Princess. Cure Mermaid Appears!”


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