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Go! Princess Precure Episode 2 REVIEW “Under The Sea”

Episode 2 aired last Sunday morning in Japan and boy was it a good one! The appearance of Cure Mermaid!

The episode starts off from where the last one left, giving a nice change of pace. Haruka is still astonished that Kanata is a prince and Aroma reprimands her about being casual with him. Haruka then explains that they met before and he gave her the Dress Up Key.


Aroma then explains they are currently under attack from Dys Dark, an evil organisation that has a person called Dyspear at its head.


And the last they saw of Kanata was him telling the fairies to take the Princess Perfumes and find the Princess Precure by

matching three dress up keys to three of them.
vlcsnap-2015-02-14-09h55m26s84(The three Legendary Princess Precure, Flora, Mermaid and Twinkle)




Haruka says she will help them fight Dyspear, which pleases Pafu and Aroma comments that he expected this of someone wanting to become a princess. Haruka then is puzzled, for she believed that the powers of the Precure made her a princess. Aroma tells her not to get cocky just because she revived the ancient power and states that a princess must have…


Strength, kindness and beauty! And only princesses with them are fit to be their saviours







Inspired by Yui’s bravery, Haruka gets the courage to tell Yui her dream.


The next day, Minami Kaido spots Haruka out for a run

vlcsnap-2015-02-14-10h23m47s215 vlcsnap-2015-02-14-10h23m46s198











Haruka isn’t confident in her beauty and knows little about kindness so she surmises she will start with strength first. As these events unfold behind her, Minami suddenly spots something washed up onto the beach. It looks like a Dress Up key.



Later that day the school’s welcome ceremony is taking place, Haruka is late and bursts in before being scolded by a teacher. Minami then approaches and she too scolds Haruka but asks the teacher to let Haruka atone for what she has done in her own way.







Which is pulling weeds! Whilst doing this Yui admires Minami, saying that even the teachers respect her.

vlcsnap-2015-02-14-10h31m10s28 vlcsnap-2015-02-14-10h31m18s115

A beautiful ballet queen.

















Wanting to get close to a real princess and become more princess-like herself, Haruka (After turning in a reflection letter) begs Minami to teach her ballet, something that shocks all of the classmates as they would never have dared to do such a thing. To everyone’s surprise, Minami agrees.

*cue extremely intense training montage!*





















Unfortunately, things seem to be going so well but Haruka attempts one of the moves she saw Minami do earlier and sprains her ankle, causing Minami to burst in in rage because she hadn’t taught Haruka that yet .

Haruka then lets slip that she wants to be a princess just like Minami and exclaims that the other girl is perfect, who dismisses it and tells Haruka that she worked hard to get to where she is now. No one has ever asked her to teach them before.







Close appears and makes a Zetsuborg out of a football player, Minami tells everyone to evacuate but notices Haruka  running the other way and follows her, seeing her transform.







however during the fight, Flora’s ankle starts to hurt, leaving her less mobile than usual.







Cure Flora is about to be crushed, when Minami dives out of nowhere and saves her. Moments later the reverse happens.


Minami tells Close to stop but he refuses. She proclaims she will never bow down to him and this activates the Dress-Up Key in her pocket.



























Effortlessly dodging the Zetsuborg, injuring it with a back kick and finishing it off by swimming under water, it’s no surprise why Mermaid is my favourite!


Mermaid purifies the Zetsuborg with her attack Mermaid Ripple and the Football Kid is saved!!!


Next week: “Goodbye Already? We Can’t Keep Pafu as a Pet!”

Pafu is discovered and the entire dormitory must work together to keep her a secret…


Until next week!


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