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Hey everyone! So it is the 1st of the month and time for me to announce my last album of the year, a sort of vocal best if you will, Umi!


This album will contain 23 tracks (12 on Disc 1 and 11 on Disc 2) which are all taken from my previous albums and EP’s (plus a few bonus tracks)

Disc 1

  1. Good morning my dream
  3. Last Song
  4. Dear You
  6. Precious
  7. Morning Glow
  8. A Happy Rice Love Song
  9. The Power of Heart
  10. Aishiteiru
  11. Bad Apple!!
  12. Namae no Nai Uta

Disc 2

  1. Party Has Come
  2. You Are Just My Love
  3. YUBIKIRI-GENMAN (New Promise Ver.)
  4. Holy Fight
  5. Moon and Sun
  6. TORCH
  7. Serenade
  8. Tarte Tatin
  9. Etude of Radiance
  10. Teru no Uta
  11. Dreaming Princess Precure

If you haven’t gotten your hands on any of my other work, this albums is a good selection of my covers!

It is set to be released on 3/12/15

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(Psst, Umi (sea, ocean) is the On’yomi (Chinese) reading. The Kun’yomi (Japanese) reading is Kai, the first half of my name!)

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